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      Sanyou Technology (Sanmen Sanyou Technology Inc) is a specialized manufacturer of high quality equipments for metallurgical industry. 

      Sanyou Technology is located in Sanmen city, Zhejiang province in China, with a modern factory and over 150 employees, founded in 2002 and ISO 9001:2008 certificated in 2007.  We provide equipments, solution packages, and refurbishment services to nonferrous metal refineries.  We specialized in cathode plates, automatic stripping machines, and edgestrips for both electrowinning and electrorefining tank houses throughout the world.

      On the base of the value “Focusing on building brand; leading by innovation”, Sanyou Technology has always been concentrating on serving refinery process, by continuous effort on invention and innovation in metallurgy industry field.  So far we have 32 patents (including 8 invention patents and 2 copyright patents) plus 4 research papers, and 20% of all employees are engaged in R&D work.

      With our talent and experienced team, Sanyou Technology keeps improving the quality, multiple function and cost competitiveness of products, to closely help our clients to accomplish saving energy, increasing efficiency and also creating values.


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