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      Taizhou daily congratulations to my company by provincial department and other four units identified

      In 2009 was an extraordinary one year. Due to the impact of the international financial crisis, our company has encountered great difficulties, once appeared negative increase turnover. The company leadership situation, on the one hand, grasp the technology innovation, develop new products, on the one hand, grasp the transformation and upgrading, strengthening internal management. 2008 permanent cathode splittings unit development patent products, and then in 2009, caught the r&d and production of purification filter. Quickly turn for the worse in the second half of the production, in 2008 was identified as "taizhou high and new technology enterprise" taizhou, drama stage, in 2009 October by provincial department identified as the first batch of science and technology enterprises, in December was provincial department and other four units identified as high-tech enterprises, the taizhou daily expressed warm congratulations.

      My company leaders and all staff unity, unite as one, determined to "high-tech enterprise" dongfeng take on grasping the zijin project "permanent cathode splittings unit" and "purification filter" production, in the New Year to the next level, and create more brilliant.

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